Blogging Is My Life

Blogging has become a way of staying connected with the world whilst taking advantages of your potentials in writing. It is a place you can feel free to express yourself frankly, in fact frankness is a trait valued on the internet. People enjoy a blog as a venue for expression often for the social aspect of having people read what you have written and then comment with their own opinions. You can get a ton of information about coutney tuttle.

Why I like blogging? Primarily I like getting my thoughts down on the computer for people to expand on. There is a certain connection felt as I weaved word for word, snippets to lexis until I come up with a masterpiece. The words tell me where they want to go and I become just the writer. My brain gets into the mode and then it’s just up to my hands to type the right letters. I know that everything has a story and stories should plainly be told, stories I wish to tell to those who spare some time to click on my page.

The love for blogging may be written in countless ways, but here are the major reasons why blogging is the ‘it’ thing turning the globe in rage.

1. Self Expression
If you search over the internet there are as many blog posts out there as there are grains of sand on the beach. A lot of people have been hooked on blogs that they own not only one but two or more accounts. Most people are mind speakers; they excel best and express themselves more through conceiving ideas and thoughts in their minds and knitting it to publish in their blogs. While some focus on one specific genre to blog about, others cater to more interesting posts about their personal lives. Whatever it is, self articulation and representation of thoughts are well served on blogs. It’s a great avenue to exercise your right to have an opinion.

2. Customize all you want
Another way a blog can let you express yourself is through customization of its look. If your blog is all about fashion, it is expected that you modify it with something that is fashion affiliated. If you want it clean and simple, there are hundreds of templates to make it look minimal and unfussy. Blogs reflect the owner or the author of the site and a mere glance of it will explain the personality of the writer.

3. Social Interaction
People like blogging because it links a bridge towards other bloggers’ site. Everything on a blog, from photos to words to layout, tells a story about the author and is a way of getting a look into their life.

In a nutshell, I like blogging because I know I can be myself. No matter if people like or dislike what I’m saying it still needs to be said for my mental well being. Everyday my interest in blogging grows be it learning about SEO. How about you? Why do you like to blog?

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