Get Free Search Engine Traffic With SEO Optimized Blog Post

Many bloggers believe they don’t need to SEO optimize their blog because they have no clue as to how to go about optimizing their blogs. Failing to capitalize on this free targeted traffic is one reason so many new bloggers don’t make money fast with their blog.

SEO’ing your blog post is simple. All it takes is just three easy steps. By doing these three steps all the time, you can increase traffic which can make the difference between a blog that creates its blogger virtually no income or one that a blogger can quit their day job and make a full time living with.

Here are a few simple tips to SEO optimize every blog article you write and start reaping the rewards of free traffic from search engines.

To start with, you should make absolutely sure that your blog post addresses are search engine compatible. With many free blog services like BlogSpot, this is automatically done for you. If you’re a WordPress user, then set your permalinks so that blog creates search engine optimized url’s when you write a post.

To do this in WordPress is find the the Permalinks tab, and click the radio button next to the Custom field. Then you’ll put a percentage sign followed by the words Postname. {Immediately after the words postname, Now} add another percent symbol. This makes sure your blog will have search engine optimized post.

The most important tip on SEO optimizing your blog is to put the keyword in the Title of your blog. If you’re blogging about how to earn extra cash, then use these keywords in the Title of your blog and your blog post. What you don’t want to do is put unrelated keywords in your Title. By using the keywords in the Title, then you’ll rank higher than if you name your blog something that does not relate to your main keyword.

The next requirement is to put the keywords in the Post’s title. If you’re trying to get people to come to your post about ebay to to make extra money, then your post title should have those keywords in it. Not something like How I Make Money With Auctions. If you do this, the search engines will have trouble determining what your post is about and you can forget about getting free traffic. This is the secret to also earning high paying clicks with Adsese.

If you’ll use these 3 easy to follow tips, you will go a long ways in helping the Search Engines understand what subject your blog post is about. When you make it easy for them to understand what subject your blog post is about, the search engines will rank your post higher in the Search Engine ranking pages.

Now the only thing you’ll need is to build links to your blog and blog post. But I’ll have to save that for another post. Learn how to optimize your blog and blog post first before taking on link building.

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