Free Webmaster Tools For Internet Marketers From Google

If you’ve been in the Niche Marketing field for any length of time, then you’ve seen all the advertising landing pages telling you about some Internet Marketing software that will make you a million dollars in a week. Or some marketing b.s. like that.

I’ve been making money with Affiliate Markeing since 2001. I’ve used a lot of software designed to make me money over the years. Some I bought, some was sent to me to try out by the designers. I can tell you that of all the software I used, I would only buy a few of the programs available if Google didn’t have these free tools available. Most of the software being marketed on the Internet is worthless or there are free versions that do just as good. To be quite frank, one does not need a lot of expensive software to make a lot of money online.

In fact, Google has some free tools that are better than a lot of the software on the market today. If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for software, give these free tools from Google a try.

The first free program I use is Google Trends. This is a web based service that Google developed for you to see what the hottest trends are. Trends keeps track on searches performed on Google and list the most popular searches every day and even hourly.Want to know what was being searched for last week or last month? Not a problem with Trends. Just look it up. This is powerful for the Internet Marketer because it allows users to see what people are searching for, whether it’s a product, service or information.

Google’s Keyword Research tool is something that no Internet Marketer should be without if you’re trying to earn quick cash on the Internet. Ever since Google has allowed us a peek into their search data, this tool has become popular with many marketers. The Keyword Tool shows you how many times someone has searched for specific keywords, competition for those keywords and how much those advertisers are willing to pay. After finding some hot trends with Google Trends, I use this tool to see how many searches there have been for the terms. This tool will also tell you how much per click advertisers are willing to spend. This is very important for those of you wanting to make money with Adsense.

Google’s Webmaster’s Tool. Webmasters will find this tool helpful in tracking the performance of their websites. This tool does several things. The two most important ones in my opinion are that it shows you the top keywords your website ranks for plus it will show you how many backlinks your site has and how many backlinks each page has. This will help you know which keywords or keyword phrases your site needs optimized for.

Google Analytics is another important Webmaster tool that you’ll find helpful in pulling serious user data from your website with. Google Analytics simply analyses the traffic to your site. I could write a book about all the features and benefits that Google Analytics offers Webmasters. Analytics allows you to see which keywords are most popular for your site, how many people found your site through specific keywords as well as telling you how long they were there and what they clicked on, if anything. It also shows you where they came from, whether it was a search engine or website. This is critical in tracking the effectiveness of your advertising and backlink campaigns.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on tools to be successful with Internet Marketing. These free tools from Google are all you need to track and optimize your site. Save the money you’d spend on high priced software programs and outsource several of the chores you hate to do!

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