Get Started Blogging Using WordPress

Blogging For Dummies

Are you working twice as hard at your job because you still have it? Now you are doing twice as much work without getting paid anymore.  Or worse, you have to take a pay cut too.How much more can you take before you have a nervous breakdown due to all the stress? You don’t have to put up with you.  One thing you can take a look at is during your nightly free time, working on a blog.  You can start a blog and start getting traffic to your blog in days.  Pretty soon, you could be making several hundred or maybe even thousands a week.That’s probably enough to take the place of your current job with much better hours and a ton less stress.Learn how to make a blog and start producing a new stream of income.

One of the easiest ways to get paid to blog is by using WordPress.  You can use the wordpress main site or your can install it on your own site.  The latter is preferred because you are in control and cannot be shut down because the WordPress people do not agree with some of what you are posting – commercial content.  So you create a money making blog and start writing.  You need to write a lot of content and have videos and podcasts and images.You will rank well if you produce a lot of content.  You need to post often.  Google loves fresh content.  The more often you post the better.

When you are setting up your blog, make sure you work on your search engine optimization or SEO for short.The search engines can find an optimized site easier so you should spend a few minutes working on getting a good title and keywords.  There are several blog themes that make it easy to rank well for your selected keywords.  One thing about keywords, do not try and go after the big words like debt, weight loss, and credit.  How about San Antonio Weight Loss instead? There’s much less competition and a better chance of ranking higher in Google.

Have unique content on your blog and promote it often so you can rank high.  But keep in mind that you should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting your new blog.  Good luck out there and happy blogging.

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