How to Earn a Living from Freelance Writing

My online adventure began with freelance writing. Although that was more than 3 years ago, my freelance writer gigs helped me quit my full time job and launch my Internet marketing business as well. I highly recommend everyone who can write, or want to write, to get a few writing gigs as a legitimate and sustainable way to improve your cash flow.

Although there a really good freelance writing available, in this article let me give you and idea of what you can do:

  1. Become a ghostwriter for other people’s books and ebooks
  2. Write posts for website / blog owners
  3. Become a regular colun writer for offline / online media in various topics
  4. Become a paid blogger using sponsored blogging like Review Me
  5. Become an editor / proofreader and help finalize someone else’s work
  6. Become a web copywriter and charge for every web copy written

Being an editor requires more of a critical eye and amazing grasp of grammar and writing styles. This is a skill that even some world class writers don’t have. Since copywriting involves a lot of creative thinking, you may not be able to get opportunities easily. If you can write a proper sentence in English, most other types of writing is good for you.

For ordinary joes, focus on the remaining types of writing namely ghostwriting, paid blogging and content writing.

Ghost writing can potentially add between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars into your bank account every month, but the flip side to this is that no one will ever know who you are or appreciate the work you’ve done. A lot of content publishers and ebook sellers are on the lookout for ghost writers or ghost writing services.

Getting credited (and perhaps a link back to your site) is a great reason to be writing for blogs and other similar online media. If you’re writing for blogs, you have your author credits on each blog post. This exposure helps you gain a pretty loyal following. Writing on blogs or other places where you get credited for your writing is much better in terms of building a long-term career.

The final type of freelance writing you can do is paid to blog. Basically, you setup a blog and start writing from “paid blogging” opportunities. Advertisers want to get the word out about their products, and they are willing to pay bloggers to write about them on their blogs. How much you can demand per article written depends a lot on the popularity and traffic of your blogs.

The plus side to this is that technically you own the blog articles you have written, which means you can always make income using your growing blog with Google Adsense or even affiliate offers.

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