How to Make Money with No Money Up-front: Affiliate Programs

If you’ve done any investigation at all of online marketing, you’ll know plenty of scams abound. Unfortunately, unscrupulous Internet marketers feed on the hordes of people who come online every day looking for ways to quit their jobs. It’s very sad, because millions probably get duped into spending money unnecessarily, only to chase down avenues that go nowhere. Fortunately, methods abound for making money on the Internet without having to invest a dime. This should be good news to those who have had run-ins with Internet scheme run by rip-off artists!

But sometimes one person’s scam is another person’s opportunity. A good example of this is the recent controversy over an online business-in-a-box, called site Build It. Some believe that one or more people have created a Site Build It review that was misleading. The owner has publicly defended himself and he could be totally right. But it’s up to every individual to do their own research before paying money for Internet “opportunities”.

One of the most successful ways I’ve found to make money online is above-board and also fairly simple to implement. I make money writing using HubPages. HubPages — a community blogging site — makes it quite easy to generate content-based ad revenue. The number of HubPages “hubs” (pages) you create is up to you. Each hub has the potential to make up to five forms of revenue: eBay and Amazon products and services, Google AdSense and Kontera ads, and your own affiliate link(s). You get the revenue from 60% of the page views that generate income and the people who own HubPages get 40 percent. The exception to that would be if you implemented an affiliate program; you get one hundred percent of any income generated by someone clicking on an affiliate link. Writing solid hubs takes a bit of practice but in my opinion, the revenue you can earn over time makes it worth the effort.

One of the affiliate programs I like to use on my hubs is RevResponse, because it provides great free information for people. When anyone clicks on your links and qualifies to receive free RevResponse magazines or white papers, you make money. It’s that simple. Qualifying is not a shoe-in though, so that aspect is important to understand. To learn more about the rules, check out this RevResponse affiliate review. The information in the review will help you know whether the RevResponse program is right for your site or blog.

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