How to Install a WordPress Blog

I was first introduced to WordPress after taking the Bloggers Paycheck course by John Yeo who showed me that WordPress is by far the best blog platform that you will use.

While it is true there are many other blogging tools, if you really want to establish yourself online and make money. The best choice is WordPress.


Because this is an open source application you can get access to a lot of free themes for your site. You also get literally thousands of free plugins. Plugins for WordPress are additions to enhance the performance and user experience of your blog.

WordPress is also a state of the art platform with many big name companies using them, such as The New York Times and CNN.

Let me tell you a secret, you can also blog from your iphone! For someone that stuggled to make money as a PPC affiliate with iPhone offers, this is totally the best aspect.From my iPhone I can update all my blogs from anywhere.I blog everwhere, the train, airport, the beach, anywhere I want to add to my income with the right message and information at the right time.I am always in contact with my auidence.

So you are ready to start your own blog?Don’t get caught like a lot of people that stop blogging only a few posts in. Tie in your hobbies and passion to ensure great content and longevity of your blog. This will keep you blogging and make money.

Let’s briefly look at installing wordpress, the easy way.The first thing you need to do is register a domain name. That’s the simple part. There are plenty of domain registrars to choose from. I personally use which is nice and simple.

I do not however use their hosting services. I use Hostgator. The advantage of Hostgator is that you get unlimited disk, bandwidth and webistes. This is very important if you end up finding yourself with an online empire.Last, you need to be able to upload wordpress themes and plugins to your site. The best way to do this is with the free FileZille program.

Now that everything is setup, simply log onto your host account and acces the cPanel. Within cPanel there is a tool called Fantastico, this is a utility that has a lot of scripts that you can install for your webiste such as ecommerce, forums etc. But the one we want is WordPress.

There are a number of options here, but WordPress should be udner ‘blogs’ in the second header. You simply need to click on WordPress and then ‘New Installation’. Complete all the details, enusre that you remember your admin name and password, you will need to to log into worpress admin area to post to your blog etc.

Your blog is now up and running!The following should be done straight away.

Now log into the administration area and delete the “Hello World” post and any other posts or comments that are there by default. You simply go to Manage and then posts and delete.

Go to Manage’ and then ‘Pages’ and select ‘About’.Change the ‘About’ information to wherever suites you best.

Now head over to and click on the menu item ‘extend’ and then ‘themes’. Select from one of the many free themes that you like download extract.

Open your FTO program of choice and place in your relevant FTP details. Find your theme that you downloaded and extracted and upload to wordpress. Note that the file path is. Public_html ->wp-content -> themes.

There, you are now complete and ready to start blogging and generate traffic.Wordpress is more then just blogging and posting. There are a lot of plug-ins that really enhance your site and can add a lot to user experience, everything from social bookmarking tools, automatically insert adsense to postings and many more.

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