Make Money Blogging – The Profit Potential Is Endless

For years, people have been telling people how they disliked or liked something. It’s just something we do as people. Get it, use it, talk about it and get your friends and family to buy it. We are always doing it, but when was the last time you got something for your opinion?

Easy answer is that you probably have NEVER got anything for your opinion.

Well those days are long gone and I am here to inform you that your opinion is worth money. You should get reimbursed for your opinion on a product or service. The Internet has made this an industry and now you, along with countless others, can earn money reviewing products and services online.

All that is needed is a blog and you can turn your opinion into extra cash. It’s easy and in most cases, free to start up.

This is how it works…

You start a blog using the most popular blogging software and charge product owners to post small reviews on your blog.

The best one is firepow

Then you get people to look at the blog reviews.

You can get paid in either of TWO ways with this.

Charge a straight fee per post

This is whatever you feel your post is worth and is directly related to how many people subscribe to your blog. The more people that view the blog, the more you are able to ask for posting the review there. The benefit to the product owner is that they gain visitors, sales and traffic from the post, so they want a popular blog.

There are a few sites that pay you on a per visit basis

These sites list the products that are available for you to review and they pay an up front fee to you for posting it. Then they monitor the hits to the blog review and pay a residual on each visit to it. The easiest money you will ever make anywhere, any time.

Either way you go with this you will come out a winner. It is similar to selling ads in a way. You review the product, post it for the whole world to see and get money for it.

Now here’s the beauty of it. You can join multiple paid reviewing sites and post the same reviews on them all. This multiplies your returns and you earn even more money!

Picture yourself earning money to try things and tell people about it. How simple can that be?

These sites usually have a forum where you can go read other people’s reviews and they in turn will read yours, so you always have a stream of cash rolling in. The beauty of this is that once you set everything up, it’s all on auto-pilot. You post once and keep getting paid as long as people continue to read that blog.

With the straight paid fee method, you would need to keep a steady stream of new reviews coming, and then you could take those blog posts and place them on your other ones to even further extend your income. This keeps getting better, I’m sure you’ll agree?

Since you have total authorship rights to the written material, you can post it anywhere you like without having to worry about copyright infringement. It’s yours to do with as you wish.

A truly amazing money making opportunity for the entrepreneur in you.

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