Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

Installing a blog on your domain is probably the quickest and easiest way to set up your website and get it to start earning you money.

Most hosting companies give you the option of a “one click” installation of WordPress and if you have this available, it’s worth using as it will take care of setting up the database that WordPress will use.

The only snag is that WordPress updates itself regularly, so you may have a slightly out of date version. It’s up to you whether you’re worried about this, although I would advise that you do keep your version of WordPress as up to date as possible as the updates often cover security bugs.

The next thing to do once you’ve got the newest version of WordPress installed on your website is to make some small changes that will have a big influence on making it as attractive as possible to the search engines.

This involves changing a few of the default settings in WordPress and adding in what are termed “plugins” to improve the functionality.

Don’t go mad adding lots of plugins. Keep to a short list like this:

  • Akismet, a useful plugin that helps cut down comment spam on your blog
  • All in one SEO pack, which does exactly what it promises and helps you optimize your blog so that the search engines will love it
  • Sociable, so that your blog readers can easily add your blog to a selection of social bookmarking sites
  • WordPress stats, which offer a quick overview of your most popular pages and the links your readers have clicked on, all easily accessible from your main WordPress dashboard

The other thing to change is the “permalink” structure. Go to the Settings tab on WordPress, click Permalinks, go down to the custom structure box and type in:


then save your changes.

This will change the way your blog posts are stored and will make them friendlier for the search engines to index.

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