Use Site Maps when doing SEO

As a part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO Services, it is very important to create a site map. It is easier for robots to crawl your page so you can be listed in search engines via using a site map on your pages, it also makes it easier for your visitors to get around your web site. It’s better to use a site map, or it is very likely that your entire web site won’t be crawled. In the past, I have had navigation on all my pages on my web site, but when I checked google or yahoo, not all my pages have shown up. This problem can be prevented by using a site map. Your site map can be simple. What you need to do is to create a simple page and list evry link in your web site. Also, make sure that the site map is made by text links. Don’t make links with images.

A program which is called “Google sitemap” can help your web site with google search engine indexing. In brief, this sysem can let you to keep google informed of when you make changes to your web pages.Google suggest that it i better for you to have updated search results when it crawls your site, it is better if you can offer some information about your pages such as how often a page changes and when a page was last modified. It is fairly easy to setup. The simple approach is that you create an XML document and upload it to your server.Goolge can know where the document is located in your google sitemap account. Google makes it easy to understand the process of its sitemap feature, including creating the XML document, so it is easy for webmaster and web developer to implement.

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