That’s The Power of Word of Mouth

Today, there are a plethora of advertising options for entrepreneurs looking to enter the scene.With unlimited cash, they can advertise through mass media, such as television, radio or a popular magazine on or offline.  On the other hand, if they don’t have that much money they can use Internet advertising.  However, in each case what will really win them over is not the advertising itself, but whether or not the offer can successfully acquire one power… the power of word of mouth.

So, how does a beginning entrepreneur acquire the power of word of mouth, especially when they haven’t attained much publicity?they should begin by researching companies that have had previous success with this strategy.For example, consider Avon, a company that used word of mouth so effectively, it jumped to a new level.  With them, word of mouth marketing would be the driving force that would sell their products.  And the reason why is because they would use it in such a way that their customers would actually become their main salespeople.Instead of taking the traditional route of hiring professional salespeople, Avon distributed their products through a referral-based business network opportunity.If customers liked their products, the company could actually make great income by selling to their family and friends.

Of course, MLM is just one approach to releasing the power of word of mouth.If you do not wish to use that type of business structure, you could easily promote word of mouth by arranging a give-away promotion of your products.  If the product is decent, customers will be glad to promote your company on their own… just because they thought what you gave them was that worthwhile.

However, there are methods where you can force word of mouth marketing.For example, companies offering free laptops.This is how it works, if customers sign up for a service and refer people they know to do the same, they will receive a laptop at no charge to them.You can use this concept for your own company and product, or even if you sell a service only.

Certain forefront businesses are incorporating this type of incentive marketing via their payment processing.Consider Trial Pay, one payment processor that does not accept cash, (like Paypal or Google Checkout).The customer pays by purchasing a product or signing up for a service from one of their affiliates.  You could actually be one of these affiliates to guarantee you’ll get sales, or you could offer TrialPay on your website.  If you do the latter, you will truly learn the power of word of mouth.  Why?  It’s because when people see your site, they will think of something that gives away free products.  Granted, on paper, the products aren’t free.  But for marketing purposes such a unique arrangement gives them the appearance of being free, which is essential for buzz marketing.

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