UK Online Marketing: Building Your Web Presence for Online Success

You have designed a website. You would have constructed the Home page, the Products, Information and Services page, the FAQs and the Contact Us pages, and used the right keyword density in the content, you should also have the budgets ready for keyword auctions, and other media buys to get the visitor to your site. You are now all set to introduce visitors to your website.

How your website can garner more visitors:

You will have to concentrate on the target audience and ascertain whether the needs of this audience are fulfilled by your site.Is your target audience from online marketing in the UK? What do you want your visitor to do once he reaches your website? What are the characteristics of your target Audience? Is he there to purchase a product, a Service, or can he get all the information he is looking for? You will have to search for answers to these questions. Break the mould. Your web pages should be designed to ensure that they get you your desired call to action. You will have to give your visitor a take hoe from your side which could range from a product brochure or a white paper to a great shopping experience.A satisfied visitor is a returning visitor. When your satisfied customers give you word of mouth publicity, you are likely to get many more qualified visitors. Your online marketer and experts are the best technical experts for this. You should not be restricted by conventional website layouts and site maps. It is worthwhile choosing functionality rather than convention in these matters.

Website Objectives

Websites have made the equations almost equal for businesses big and small. This is where your website’s designs set you apart from the rest. Will your visitor find your site easy to use? You should have congruence between your User Interface Design and navigation layout. You should ensure that your visitor does not grope in the dark due to bad site navigation. You will have to institute a team of designers and marketing professionals to get an excellent UI design. Your website must also create a feeling that will allow your visitor to leave behind information about himself. You should do them a good turn and reward them if they share their information with you. You can used the information collected over time to hone your website marketing campaign and ergonomics.

The Take Home Message

You will have to ensure that you have a good SEO, PPC, keywords and other programs, a good website design and a compelling website experience for your visitors to make them promote your website by word of mouth and retain them. You should answer these questions comprehensively before up jump start with UK online marketing

1. Will I get the target audience I want with this website design?

2. Does my site achieve the goals I have built my site for?

3. If my visitors browse my website, will they get what they want?

4. What will my visitor take with him when he leaves my site?

5. Will my site be good enough to get book marked and revisited?

6. Will my visitors promote my website amongst other qualified visitors?

Wishing you luck!

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