Viral Marketing Defined: The Secret to Exponential Traffic Growth

The definition of viral marketing depends on who you ask.  Some may say that it is an unethical strategy very close to spam.Truthfully, there is really nothing unethical about it.Companies that make use of it are relying on word of mouth advertising to virtually sell their business, and word of mouth works exponentially.

Remember Mary Kay.They are overpriced cosmetics that are not any better than other cosmetics on the market.But the company has continued to be highly successful for one reason.  Women buy them and then suggest that their friends buy them.

In order to be a high level Mary Kay representative, you would truly believe that the Mary Kay product is better.  You would then tell all of your friends that the product is better.Next, you would ask people you know to offer the cosmetics.Then, they would tell their friends, and so on.

That’s the real definition of viral marketing.  It is word of mouth advertising.  You tell your friends.  They tell their friends and the process continues exponentially until you, the business owner, have generated more sales than you might have ever dreamed possible.

It is commonly referred to as a virus, due to the fact that it spreads and multiplies, easily and swiftly throughout the population.  Any advertising strategy that encourages individuals to pass along your message to others is a viral marketing strategy.

There are many classic examples of this strategy.“Hotmail” is the one.They broadcast a free service and every time that an individual takes advantage of that service, by sending an e-mail, they also send an advertising message to the recipient, offering them to sign up for the free e-mail service provided.

People love free items.  That’s a big part of the definition of viral marketing.You offer something for free, with the intention to generate sales at a later date.  You have to be willing to wait.It may take a few months to see the sales figures grow, but eventually they will.

he free tokens keep your company’s name and brand top of mind of the consumer.It is similar to the free pens that banks, insurance companies, air conditioning companies and the like offered, before the internet became popular.Each day, every customer saw that company’s name and anyone that came by their house saw it as well.

Currently, you can reach thousands and thousands of your customers with one regular e-mail.What’s real definition of viral marketing?It is getting your name out there, where everyone and anyone can see it.

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