What are the real reasons why 9 out of 10 People Who Try to Set Up Their Own Business on the Internet Fail?

Over time, the world has become a much tougher place in which to survive and thrive. In every developed country, hundreds more people lose their jobs every day and with little or no prospect of getting a new one any time soon, life is hard and it just keeps getting more difficult.

At the same time, there are many people who are earning money with online web marketing and many of those people are doing very swell, thank you!

This is not to say that economic difficulties will not affect these online web marketing business people and how internet website marketing is finished. No-one is totally immune when money starts getting tighter and almost everyone (especially most Western governments) are having to tighten the purse cords.

The fact is that many people who run online website marketing businesses are doing fine, and those that are creative are likely to continue doing so.

Combine the tough times and the latter fact and you come to an inescapable ending.There are many people going to be trying their hand at running their own online website marketing business over the next years as they seek new income streams over which they and they alone are in control. In this way, they are also able to take charge of their own future.

The fact that you are here now reading this success manual suggests that you are one of these individuals, or that you are, at least, considering whether getting into internet web marketing is something that you should do. Indeed, you may even be questioning whether it is something that you are up to doing.

In ongoing posts to this blog, I’m going to address these questions and many others, the kind of questions that  internet web marketing veterans and newcomers alike who achieve success and have fun doing it ask themselves.

However, if that was the only target of this blog, then I would not be doing anything that hasn’t already been done dozens of times before. There are countless how to succeed in online web marketing handbooks, special reports, video training series and downloadable books already in the market place that walk you through the steps of setting up your own online marketing business.

OK, that does not mean that you should rush out and buy a library full of internet website marketing books. Indeed, having looked into and implemented myself the typical beginners guide to internet marketing over the years, this is one of the first things that I with to say to everybody who follows me nowadays to not do, for reasons that I will highlight later.

You don’t need to do this because I am going to explain and walk you through the ‘nuts and bolts’ of setting yourself up to succeed in your own internet web site marketing business towards the end of this ongoing discussion. Before then,  however, I want to mention something that I have seen addressed in books like this far too rarely.

This is a problem because there is one thing that everyone needs if they are to stand a realistic chance of achieving success, and yet I know of nobody in internet niche marketing ever discusses it! It’s time for a change, starting now!

It’s all in the State-of-Mind!

What I am talking about here is the necessity of approaching building and continuing your online web marketing business in not only a successful but (maybe even more significant) an enjoyable way. The first thing to appreciate about working on the internet is that it is a completely incompairable experience. Not much else like it, and there hasn’t been known up to now.

For this reason, internet info marketing online is a very strange beast.On the one hand, as implied, the advent and growth of the internet has been unlike anything else that has ever happened in the history of mankind.

However, while many things about the online world and running an online web site marketing business of your own are all new and unique, many other aspects of working and doing business online are specifically the same as things have always been in business. Understanding that there is an accepted approach to marketing target market online is a excellent balancing act between the new and the established.

It is nevertheless a balancing act that you have to master in the process to stand any chance of long-term success. This is now established everyday marketers who have managed to master this critical mental balancing are the people who most consistently achieve success and earn a good return on your investment.

Approaching internet web site marketing in the correct way is about nothing more or less than understanding that this balancing act exists, and then moving on to learn how to master it for yourself.

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