Why back links are important

Before creating a web site you should have decided how you intend to get visitors or ‘traffic’ to your web pages. Regardless of whether you are creating web pages for business, as a hobby or to inform there will inevitable come a time when you are going to want get people to come to your web pages. You should devote your energies to getting the search engines to direct as many visitors as possible to your web pages. The most economical and focused traffic is delivered by the search engines.

Search engine revenues rely upon the accuracy and relevance of the results they deliver to their users. The precision of the results presented to the searchers are a key factor in maintaining search engine user loyalty. The more often the searchers return the greater the search engines fortunes. The challenges are the exactly the same for you and your website.Get more users and get them to return often.

So what is it you need to do?. There are two key ways you can do this. You can submit high quality content to the web or you can use advertising often called Pay Per Click (PPC) or in the case of Google ‘adwords’.

Search engines have a simple philosophy that nothing exists on the web without a keyword or a key phrase . The user typing a keyword or phrase into the search engine starts the search process. The search engine goes and looks in its vast index of web pages and selects the most relevant web pages and then returns them in a list that is ordered in terms of relevance and authority. All search engines determine what will be returned in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) by using two measures authority and relevance.

Relevance means the page contains the keywords and authority means the page has back links to it from other web pages. The order of the list of results displayed by a search engine are conducive with the authority and volume of the back links to each page.

Back links are the most important factor in optimising your pages for the search engines.

Back links not only determine your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) but are a major source of visitor traffic. Users will follow links they find in content if the back link is labelled with relevant text. ‘Anchor text’ is the name given to the text label on a back link and is used by the search engines in assessing the value of a back link. Some back links have more value than others.

Back links from pages with authority in eyes of the search engine can pass authority onto your web pages.The more authority a web page has the more authority is passed on to you.

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