Word of Mouth Marketing – Tips & Ticks

Even in today’s technology driven world, word of mouth marketing is a very powerful way to get tons of new customers to your business. The concept behind word of mouth, or any other type of marketing campaign for that matter, is simple – you reward the person who brings you new business. Why is this kind of marketing so reliable? Let’s just take a look.

Many people like to get an incentive for their actions. People love to receive recognition for what they do. Combine these two things together and you have got a excellent incentive for a word of mouth campaign. In this type of marketing campaign, you can reward your customers who give you new business in two ways.

1.You can give them an incentive or reward. This could be anything that may have meaning – service credits, money, or gift certificates.

2.    You recognize them for their effort. You can mention their names and thank them for their efforts in your newsletters and business magazines.

These couple of things can make people very happy and appreciated – happy to get something useful and appreciative that their effort has been successful.

Here are some very useful tips to help you initiate your word of mouth marketing campaign the right way.

1.    The incentive that you give should be useful. Cash is the most popular choice, but some people may feel uncomfortable with monetary rewards. In my opinion, gift certificates are an excellent choice. Amazon has gift certificates you can get – they are always a wonderful selection. You may also give gift certificates for your customers at local restaurants, spas, movie theaters, dance studios, and wine clubs.

2.You must make sure you let your customers know that they are being rewarded for their referrals. At your place of business, put a cork board on the wall and list the names of people who have brought in new business on it. With this method, your customers can see their own names mentioned every time they come to your office and this will make them feel truly special.

3.    When you send out business newsletters about your word of mouth campaigns, you can mention the names of people who have referred a lot of high value customers. Your newsletters reach everyone in your mailing list and you can believe how excited your customers will be if they see their names mentioned in there. This clearly shows your clients that you appreciate them and whatever they have done for your business.

4.    If you are planning to conduct a sales event or a meeting, you can ask your existing customers to bring their friends along and offer them gift certificates or some sort of discounts for doing so.

5.    Whenever your customers bring some new business, thank them immediately. Call them, send them a mail, send them a text message, or send them a thank-you card. Somehow, you need to make sure they understand that you appreciate their effort.

This is pretty much what you need to know about word of mouth advertising campaigns. Keep in mind – the cost is minimal, they increase brand awareness, and increase your customer base exponentially. If you would like to get great results, be sure you set up a marketing campaign soon.

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